Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation is dedicated to empowering youths through sports and educational outreach programmes.

Sports is an essential tool for the development of any youth, however lots of youths in rural and low income communities do not have the opportunity to participate in sports competition.

Our Youth Empowerment Sport Competition is vital in overcoming the effects of poverty by teaching youth leadership skills, teamwork, building self-esteem and sparking excitement in being part of something. During the 2016 Christmas holiday, we hosted the Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation Soccer Empowerment Cup Competition were we engaged secondary school youths.

We handed out medals, soccer boots and a trophy was presented to the winning team.




Education is regarded as an instrument for national development and social change as well as the process of preparing individuals to become a functional and acceptable member of the society, it is widely recognized as a tool for addressing issues of poverty, underdevelopment, illiteracy, ignorance, gender exclusion, conflicts, human right as well as sustainability.

Rural areas in Nigeria are characterized by series of under-developmental problems such as poor infrastructure and health facilities, bad road networks, and lack of access to clean drinking water. These developmental problems are believed to be challenges affecting the process of educating children in rural communities in Nigeria.

In additional to empowering children in elementary school, Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation is committed to providing educational supplies to children in Dikenafai, Nigeria.

Jeffery Ikeaka empowers children through various back to school projects. We hand out stationary materials, lunch boxes, and school bags to children. We visit 3 elementary schools in Dikenafai and we’ve empowered over 1,000 children with essential school materials.